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Traverze Culture Integration Relocation program

Relocation Program:

Welcome to Our Integration Relocation program

We’re excited to have you as a member of our relocation or business membership program. We understand that making such a significant decision to relocate or start a business abroad can be overwhelming yet exciting. Traverze Culutre through our local Kenyan company Traverze Culture Africa will make your transition to Kenya smooth and hassle-free. Let's discuss what's included in your membership package; 5% off your relocation package, Become a tverze affiliate partner and receive a monthly newsletter outlining information about Kenya. We’re here to make this journey for you priceless, so let's get started!!

Welcome to exceptional concierge service.

Our trained concierge team has extensive knowledge and inherent professionalism. They know all ins, outs, and potential issues that could arise with your relocation. Experience means we will work to prevent problems, not just solve them.


Once you've made the payment, proceed to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. Subsequently, create your membership to access exclusive benefits. Confirm the provided details


The Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture advantage is our ability to be flexible and responsive and our willingness to listen and adjust to better suit the changing needs of today’s climate.


Your point of contact is connected with our dedicated concierge team, which will oversee the entire relocation experience from initiation to closing.

Culture of care

We recognize that our team is the heartbeat of our organization, and our culture has created an environment that fosters encouragement, recognition, support, and total teamwork.

Global Settling-in Services:

Traverze Culture Makes Your Global Transition Smooth We offer comprehensive services for a stress-free transition.

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