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Why Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture ? 

  • Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture provide a comprehensive program integrating corporations, families, and individuals into the Kenyan lifestyle. 

         About Us 

  • We pride ourselves on being flexible and providing customized programs to meet your needs. Our commitment to providing personalized experiences is our core philosophy. By focusing on service, integrity, and genuine care for you, our client retention rate is 100%.

        Our Culture 

  • Welcome to exceptional concierge service. Our trained concierge team has extensive knowledge and inherent professionalism. They know all ins, outs, and potential issues that could arise with your relocation. Experience means we will work to prevent problems, not just solve them.  
  • Your point of contact is connected with our dedicated concierge team, which will oversee the entire relocation experience from initiation to closing. 
  • Flexibility The Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture advantage is our ability to be flexible and responsive and our willingness to listen and adjust to better suit the changing needs of today‚Äôs climate
  • Culture of care We recognize that our team is the heartbeat of our organization, and our culture has created an environment that fosters encouragement, recognition, support, and total teamwork.       


Global Settling-in service 

Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture will play an integral role in assisting our clients in decision-making; we coordinate the pre-assignment visit for corporate clients, providing an overview of life in a foreign destination.  We identify the most appropriate housing for the relocating client’s needs and serve as their advocate to help ensure all requirements are met.  We evaluate and recommend rental agencies, coordinate leases, and provide follow-up.  A member of the Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture staff will be designated to work one-on-one with the client, partner, and family.:

Services include:

  • Educational assistance
    • Homeschooling 
    • Co-op homeschooling* 
    • Private/International Schools
    • Public School
  • Permanent Home-finding assistance
  • Corporate office set up 
  • Transitional Housing Living*
  • Culture integrative services 
  • Closing services
  • Rental assistance
  • Registry with US Embassy 
  • Area, shopping, leisure
  • Immigration services (Class K, Work Visa, and Tourist Visa)
  • Vaccination (if required) 
  • Doctor, dentist, hospital, police, and Embassy information
  • Transportation/purchase (in the host country) 
  • House Manager sourcing
  • Banking 
  • Door to Door Airport drop off and pick-up (domestic and international)

Pre-departure coordination/Area Orientation 

Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture will counsel and offer the candidate all the necessary information and guidance on the relocation process. In addition to this, Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture A will introduce them to a relocation-trained realtor.  The assigned agent will provide a personal orientation, help address lifestyle issues, and review the current real estate market and agency practices. Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture also oversee a pre-decision trip with area tours in any domestic location within Kenya.

Travel services

Tverze Culture Africa and the Tverze Culture relocation package also offer a full suite of travel-related tools and services, including cost-competitive airline, hotel, car rental, transportation services, and general expense management. Our travel solutions make travel less complicated and costly, as we embody value for money. Our seasoned travel advisors work closely with individual clients and corporations to solve the most critical time constraints and logistics challenges. Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture have integrated corporate pre-negotiated hotel rates and car rental discounts that we pass on to clients and their employees.

Temporary housing

With our formal relationships with numerous housing partners, Our clients have a choice of short-term options.  As part of our needs assessment with the client, we identify family requirements and arrange for accommodations that best meet their needs.  Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture will pair our clients with experienced local consultants who will help them shortlist suitable properties based on their preferences and negotiate favorable contract terms.

Cross-cultural and language skills

Our research shows that Cultural and language training are important tools to enhance the success of any international assignment or move.  As such, language training should begin before leaving your home country and, for a most effective program, continue in the host country upon arrival. Based on our client’s individual needs, we will coordinate the appropriate services through our partner, which offers a variety of formats to assist employees and their families with cultural and language training programs.

Visa and Immigration

Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture assist all our clients, corporate or individual, in obtaining the necessary permits, passports, and the proper visas/work permits required by the host country. We offer personalized advice from our network of immigration specialists.

Home Finding / Settling In

Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture can also play a pivotal role in assisting with the home-finding needs of relocating Individuals, corporate employees, and their families in Kenya.  Tverze Culture Africa and Tverze Culture will work with Professionally trained realtors to find areas tailored to our client’s needs. The professional will provide the clients with a personal orientation, address lifestyle issues and communities, and counsel them on the current real estate market and agency practice.  The professional will devote the necessary time to help our clients and their families find a new home while maintaining good communication. Our team will stay in touch with the client and the realtor until the client is settled in their new home.

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