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Global Settling-in Service

We guide decision-making and coordinate pre-assignment visits for corporate clients. Services include housing selection, educational assistance, and cultural integration support.

Pre-departure Coordination/Area Orientation:

Comprehensive guidance on the relocation process. Introduction to a relocation-trained realtor, personal orientation, and area tours within Kenya.

Travel Services:

Cost-effective solutions for flights, hotels, car rentals, and transportation. Corporate pre-negotiated rates and discounts for simplified travel planning.

Temporary Housing Solutions:

Formal partnerships for varied short-term housing options. Needs assessment, property shortlisting, and negotiation for a smooth transition.

Visa and Immigration Assistance:

Personalized guidance for obtaining necessary permits, passports, and visas/work permits. Network of immigration specialists for expert advice.

Home Finding/Settling In:

Assistance with home-finding for relocating individuals and corporate employees. Collaboration with trained realtors for personalized orientation and settling into new homes.

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