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7-Day Journey Back to Eden (DEC 29 2024 – Jan 3 2025) (Double Occupancy)

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  • 5*-4* Star Accommodations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Airport Pickups and Dropoffs
  • Welcome Lunch and Farewell Dinner
  • Custom Exchange Ceremony & Festival Access
  • Heritage Gala Ticket & Gitu Freedom Estate/Farm Tour
  • Traditional Naming Ceremony
  • Concierge Services 24 hours
  • Year of Return T-shirts
  • Signature Traverze Culture Marketplace access
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7-Day Journey Back to Eden  From DEC 29 2024 – Jan 3 2025

Embark on a transformative adventure in Kenya with Journey Back to Eden’s 7-day package. Connect with culture, explore breathtaking landscapes, and celebrate new beginnings:

Day 1: Welcome & Relaxation

  • Arrive in Nairobi and be greeted by our attentive concierge team.
  • Enjoy a welcome lunch and settle into your comfortable hotel.
  • Spend the rest of the day unwinding and preparing for your Kenyan adventure.

Day 2: Cultural Exchange & Shopping

  • Savor a delicious breakfast at the hotel.
  • Head to West Gate Mall for money exchange and any last-minute necessities.
  • Get to know fellow travelers at an exclusive meet-and-greet event.
  • Relax and prepare for the vibrant experiences ahead.

Day 3: Custom Exchange & Festival Celebration

  • Begin with a unique custom exchange ceremony honoring Kenyan tribes and African diaspora communities.
  • Learn about shared histories and perspectives in a town hall-style discussion.
  • Discover Tverze Africa’s business center and its products.
  • Immerse yourself in the arts, fashion, and cuisine of the Traverse Culture Marketplace.
  • Enjoy live music and a delicious Kenyan meal.

Day 4: Heritage Gala & Real Estate Tour

  • Start the day with a relaxing breakfast at the hotel.
  • Visit the Gitu Freedom Estate/Farm in Thika Town, showcasing stunning waterfalls and nature.
  • Prepare for the New Year’s Eve Kenyan Heritage Gala in the evening.
  • Mingle with Kenyans and officials, enjoy live music, art exhibits, and traditional fare.

Day 5: Culture, Arts, & New Year’s Eve Celebration

  • Start the day with breakfast at the hotel.
  • Experience a vibrant cultural exchange festival featuring African diaspora vendors from around the world.
  • Get your hair braided, savor international cuisine, and enjoy live music.
  • Reflect on the wounds of colonialism and celebrate healing in a meaningful discussion.
  • Ring in the New Year with an unforgettable Kenyan-style party!

Day 6: Traditional Naming Ceremony & Farewell

  • Receive a traditional Nubian name during a unique naming ceremony.
  • Immerse yourself in Kenyan dance, attire, and cuisine.
  • Enjoy a final night together with a special farewell dinner, complete with your custom African attire.

Day 7: Departure

  • Savor a final breakfast at the hotel.
  • Bid farewell to Kenya and carry the memories of your transformative journey home.

This 7-day Journey Back to Eden offers a captivating blend of cultural immersion, exciting excursions, and personal growth. Book your experience today and create memories that will last a lifetime

7Day intenary

Day #1: December 27
Welcome-Rest Day
The Traverse Culture concierge team will be waiting for the group’s arrival at the
Airport. Transportation will be provided to and from the airport. We will have lunch available for the group upon arrival. The rest of the day will be for the guests to relax and prepare for the time of their lives.

Rest Day, Shop and Money Exchange Day
Breakfast will be served at the hotel.
We will begin our day at the West Gate Mall for money exchange or to pick up toiletries needed for the trip. After that, we will become better acquainted at an exclusive meet-and-greet event at the hotel. You will have the rest of the evening to rest and prepare for everything Kenya has to share with you.

Day 3 -Education Dec 29
Day 1 Conference
Custom Exchange Ceremony/Business presentation
Breakfast is served at the hotel.

This day will commence with our signature custom exchange ceremony, honoring three Kenyan tribes: Kissi, Lauya, and Kikuyu. We will also have African diaspora representatives, including Gullah Geechie, UK Caribbean, Africans, and Afro-Canadians. We will discuss our similarities and differences through a town hall-style cultural exchange. In addition, Tverze Africa's business center and its products will be introduced.

The objective is for everyone to walk away from this experience with a deeper comprehension of each other and where we need to position ourselves as a group.

We will take a break to enjoy some local Kenyan cuisine with music and end the day with our Traverse Culture Marketplace. We look forward to meeting our resident seamstresses, shoe cobblers, and jewelry designers, who will be available to customize your traditional African attire.

Day 4- Evolve Dec 30
Heritage Gala/Real Estate Tour Gitu Freedom Estate/Farm
Day 2 Conference
Breakfast is served at the hotel.
We will depart early to visit the Gitu Freedom Estate/Farm powered by Traverze Culture, we will visit 14 falls and etc. all in Thika Town Kenya.
On January 1st, we'll spend the first half of the day relaxing and preparing for the Kenyan Heritage Gala. At this formal event, we'll be able to mingle with Kenyans and government officials from all walks of life. A live Lingala band will entertain us, and there will also be an art exhibit to peruse. An open bar and traditional fare will be provided as we party the night away in Kenyan style.

Day 5-Experience Dec 31
Day 2 Conference
Culture Exchange Festival New Year's Eve Celebration
(Arts, Fashion, and Food Health Wellness)
Vendors opportunities

Breakfast is served at the hotel.

After experiencing the customs exchange ceremony, it is time to indulge in the arts, fashion, and cuisine. Each event will feature African Diaspora vendors from all corners of the globe.
Women's hair will be braided, international cuisine will be served (bring your passport), and there will be live music. Everyone will be invited to join in on a conversation about the health and well-being of African people across the globe, focusing on the wounds inflicted by colonialism and the methods for overcoming them. This homecoming New Year's Eve party will be unforgettable.

Day 6 Jan 1
Traditional Naming ceremony

Traverze Culture desires its members to experience the primordial traditions of Kenya. Kenya is home to more than 40 tribes, and the Nubian tribe of Kibera has maintained its traditional way of life over time. In South Sudan, the Nubian tribe is a direct descendant of the ancient Kush.
Each visitor will receive a traditional Nubian name during Tverze's one-of-a-kind traditional naming ceremony. Traditional Kenyan dancing, attire, and cuisine are just the beginning of this unforgettable experience. You will depart from Mother Africa and return to your homeland with a new identity and family.

Day 7 Jan 2
Rest day
You have today to do with it as you wish. Our last night together will conclude with a TVERZE signature goodbye supper and our specially crafted African attire
Day 8 Jan 3
Breakfast will be served at the hotel.
Fly day