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Privacy Principles

Compilation of Personal Information

All personal information you give Traverze Culture is collected and stored. We may use it in any way consistent with the purposes outlined in this Policy or otherwise disclosed on this site at the time of submission. The intended use of the information you submit will be obvious when you supply personal information or make a request because of the context in which you do so and because the Site specifies the intended use.

The following general uses of your Personal Information are possible:

I to fulfill your requests for the goods and services;

(ii) to send you updates and confirmations for your travels;

(iii) to handle account management tasks, including bill payment and trip notification;

(iv) general communication with you;

(v) to address your inquiries and remarks;

(vi) to inform you of any limited-time offers for goods and services. If you’d prefer not to receive marketing messages from us, or participate in our ad customization or feedback programs, just let us know by following the instructions in the email you received or by clicking the link in the advertisement;

(vii) to modify various aspects of your interaction with Traverze Culture;

(viii) to honor you in any award and recognition program you decide to participate in.

(ix) to ask you for more details;

(x) to stop possibly unlawful or forbidden behavior;

(xi) based on your communication preferences, to inform you of targeted marketing, service updates, and promotional offers; and

To settle disagreements, collect payments, and handle issues (xii).

Protecting Information

The information security program that Traverze Culture maintains is made to guarantee the privacy and security of your personal information by:

I safeguard such information’s security or integrity from any potential threats or dangers;

(ii) Taking precautions to prevent unauthorized use or access to such information;

(iii) Quickly identifying, stopping, and reacting to attacks, incursions, or other system faults;

(iv) Ensuring that such information is properly disposed of;

Unless expressly stated otherwise, email correspondence to and from this Site is not secure. There is a risk that comes with using email. Please be mindful of this when requesting or emailing us with Personal Information.

There is no such thing as a flawless security system because of factors outside of Traverze Culture’s control and despite the precautions made to protect your personal information. Moreover, Traverze Culture has little influence over the overall security of the Internet. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized parties won’t ever access your transmissions or information or that Personal Information won’t ever be disclosed in ways that this Privacy Policy doesn’t permit.