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Empowering African-American Tourism: Traverze Culture Call to Kenya

Firm Woos African-Americans To Tour, Invest In Kenya

The country targets the $2 trillion African-American tourism market through a new plan launched in Nairobi. Traverze Culture’s CEO, Kea Wakesho Simmons, leads the initiative from Charleston, South Carolina, aiming to reconnect African Americans with their cultural heritage.

The Plan: Call to Action

The initiative, dubbed “call to action,” seeks to bring between 3000 and 5000 visitors in 2024 to tour Kenya, invest, and settle in the Gitu Freedom Estate in Thika, Kiambu County, under The Journey Back to Eden.

The Estate: Gitu Freedom Estate

Located 60 kilometers north of Nairobi, the estate offers modern African living for African American returnees and Kenyans, with plans to complete the Thika City project in the next five years.

Investment Opportunities

Investors will access modern amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. American tourists and investors express interest in various sectors of the Kenyan economy, including real estate and hospitality.

The Vision: Revolutionizing Tourism

Ms. Simmons aims to revolutionize Kenya’s tourism and travel market, partnering with both public and private sectors to bring 3000 visitors in 2024. The plan includes reaching out to the middle-class African-American market, supported by US official statistics.

Growth Strategy

The Kenyan government targets to increase American visitors to Kenya to over one million by 2027. Ms. Simmons calls for state incentives to triple the number of African Americans visiting Kenya by the same year.

Traverze Culture’s Role

Traverze Culture is a leading tours, cultural, and travel company in the US, facilitating visits and settlement in Africa, with a focus on East Africa. Ms. Simmons, a thought leader in the market segment, brings her experience from the US Army and civilian contracting in Afghanistan to the fore.

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