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12-Day Journey Back To Eden Tour | June (18-29, 2024 )“Juneteenth” Double Occcupacy



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Here’s what awaits you:

Explore bustling Nairobi: Get lost in the vibrant energy of Kenya’s capital city, where modern skyscrapers meet traditional markets.

Witness wildlife on thrilling safaris: Embark on unforgettable journeys through Kenya’s stunning national parks, Zebras, lions, feeding the giraffes from raised platforms, offering an unforgettable close-up encounter with these gentle giants, zebras, and more in their natural habitat.

Stand astride the equator: Feel the world spin beneath your feet at the equator line, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Delve into rich traditions: Immerse yourself in Kenyan culture with a traditional Nubian naming ceremony, a unique and meaningful experience.

Personalize your journey: Get your own custom African attire made by local artisans, a perfect souvenir to remember your trip.

Discover the resilience of Kibera: Visit Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, and learn about the challenges and triumphs of its community.

Relax in the beauty of Paniri: Soak up the sun and stunning scenery of Paniri, a paradise escape with breathtaking views of Mount Kenya.

Real estate tours and engagement: Get a glimpse into Kenya’s real estate market and opportunities, while connecting with local communities.


Double Occupancy: $6,210 (per person)
Single Occupancy: $6,640 (per person)


Ready to book your Kenyan adventure? Contact Traverze Culture today and start planning your unforgettable journey

Bonus: Don’t miss out on these other exciting activities included in the trip:

5 city tours
Ground transportation and inter-country flights
Accommodation with 3 meals daily
Signature marketplace experience
Equator/Thomson’s Falls visit
Farewell dinner in custom African attire

What is Included

  •         International Flight
  •         5 City Tour
  •         Ground transportation/inter-country Flight
  •         Accommodation
  •         3 meals
  •         Signature naming ceremony 
  •         Safari 
  •         Humanitarian Day 
  •         Signature Marketplace 
  •         Equator/Thomson’s Falls
  •         Monthly Payment Plan
  •         Real Estate Tours

What Is Excluded

Tour Plan

Day 1. Traverze Culture's concierge team will await the group’s arrival at the airport. Transportation will be provided to and from the airport. On the way to the hotel, we will stop at the West Gate Mall for money exchange or to pick up the toiletries needed for the trip. Upon arriving at the hotel, we will be better acquainted in an exclusive meet and greet. You will have the rest of the evening to rest and prepare for everything Kenya has to share with you.

Day 2. Today is yours to enjoy as you please and prepare for all that Kenya has to share with you.

Day 3. Traverze Culture is offering our exclusive Marketplace. We look forward to meeting our resident seamstresses, shoe cobblers, and jewelry designers, who will be available to customize your traditional African attire.  An introduction to our Traverse Culture business hub and products will also occur. Real Estate Tour to the Gitu Freedom Estate

Day 4: Traditional Naming Ceremony Traverze Culture wants its members to experience the culture of Kenya's ancient traditions. Kenya is home to over 40 tribes, and the Nubian tribe of Kibera has kept their traditional way of life through the years. The Nubian tribe is a descendant of Ancient Kush, modern-day South Sudan.

Day 5. Safari & Nairobi National Museum CBD, Giraffe Centre 

Day 6. We will start our day with a tour of Kibera. Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi and the most significant urban slum in Africa. Tverze prides itself on highlighting the unknown demand. Kibera is undoubtedly one of those places you must visit. We will see one of their forward-thinking and innovative community members. We will eat lunch in Kibera.

Day 7. We will stop at the equator; Kenya sits precisely at zero degrees; guests will have a commemorative ceremony to demonstrate being at the earth's center. On behalf of Traverze Culture, you will receive a certificate validating your visit.

Day 8 and 9: Stay in Paniri for two days. We will have the chance to stop at Thomson’s Falls and see the vistas of Mt. Kenya.

Day 10. We will learn about the country's fight over the port of Mombasa. The war continued for centuries and became a prison for freedom fighters.

Day 11. Rest Day-Real Estate Tour

Day 12. Today is yours to enjoy as you please. We will end our last night with a Tverze signature farewell dinner in our custom-made African attire.

Day 13. Breakfast will be served at the resort. Transportation is provided to the airport.

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